directorWg.Cdr. I.P.C. Reddy,


Wg.Cdr. I.P.C. Reddy is the driving force behind the institution’s disciplined academic progress. A gold medalist in Engineering, he has rendered distinguished service in the technical branch of India Air Force for 22 years.

With his abundant knowledge and wide experience, he is actively taking the technical academics forward in his path towards excellence. He firmly believes that “Discipline is paramount prerequisite to reach any chosen goal in life”.


In the era of globalization, fierce competition compels to live up to the global standards of education. It holds true since we at PBR VISVODAYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE harbour the tenacity of being first among equals. To have a cut above the rest we adhere to the global parameters of education and inculcate the core competencies in our Engineering, Management,and Computer Applications students with full zest and ardor.

PBR VITS & VEC, under the wings of VISVODAYA, welcome the new entrants who, all braced up to make their mark as a true professional equipped with required expertise and excellence, are looking for an ideal seat of learning. PBR VITS empowered with hi-tech communication system and state-of-the-art facilities provide the students with quality education that match global standards, truly. It is the holistic approach of education that holds meaning in our lives. Hence, we focus at comprehensive education which is all inclusive and proves to be the best for the professionals in-the-making.

I am sure that the new entrants will be in safer hands when they opt for PBR VITS as their sagacity will see them through the challenges that might envelope them when they step out in the murky market of die-hard professionals