founder-picLate Dr. Dodla Ramachandra Reddy ,


“Strong & healthy roots ensure a quality crop”

A Tribute to our founder

Inspired by the spirit of renaissance in India and influenced by the writings of Victor Hugo, a young and affluent lad was overwhelmed over the plight of the poor and the downtrodden. He dreamt and yearned for a new world free from sorrow, misery, illiteracy and poverty. He philosophized that the only weapon strong enough to eradicate these evils is EDUCATION and only EDUCATION.

Thus, Visvodaya Educational Society was founded almost sixty years ago, in 1952. Never turning back from his philosophy and never deviating from his chosen path, Dr.D.R.Reddy transformed himself into a torchbearer and has led the Visvodaya team for almost 60 years. He nurtured his cherished dream of humanism and dignity in his own temple of Santhi Niketan, VISVODAYA. The motto, the logo & the objectives of Visvodaya are in keeping with his ideals. The motto – ‘ TAMASOMA JYOTHIRGAMAYA’ symbolizes the journey from darkness to light. The objectives of Visvodaya are Academic excellence, Social justice, Cultural richness & Human ennoblement. At the twilight of his illustrious life, in the year 2008. in recognition of his selfless Social services. Andhra University has bestowed on him an honorary doctorate. Itwas awarded to him in Visvodaya campus itself, in the presence of the Vice chancellors of three universities, SV University, Andhra University & Nagarjuna University – a rare┬áhonor, and a well deserved one!