Master of Computer Applications



The vast prowess of the Indian Software Sector is now universally respected and eagerly sought after. It is the only sector which is constantly expanding and offering rewarding rem unerations.

The Department of MCA ai rns to meet the aspirations of students of the non technical domain to compete in the technical arena.

Labs In the Department of MCA at Visvodaya
C & DS, DS Through C ,Programming In C++, DBMS. Java & Unux Programming. OOAD. Computer Organization Lab, Operating Systems, Web Technology, Multimedia Applications Development Lab, Data Warehousing& Mininglab, Projects/Research Lab.

MaJor Software
TURBO C/C++, Ansi C/C++ I Ansi C with Linux, Java, jdk 1.3, Macromedia Flash, Oracle/MySQL, Rational Rose, MS widows & OS, LinuxOS. NT server4.0, Unix server, Tomcatserver, MicrosoftVisual Studio 6.0.