NCC ( National Cadet Corps) was sanctioned to our institute in 2010 and came into effect from 2011. The motto of NCC is “Unity and Discipline”. The motive behind the starting of NCC in our institutions is to develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideas of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.

The NCC unit is functioning under 2(A) EME NCC – 2nd Andhra EME ( Electrical & Mechanical Engineering ) Nellore with the intake of 200. Dr B. Radha Krishna is acting as caretaker of our NCC unit. We are offering training for joined cadets to get their ‘B’ & ‘C’ certificates. Ours is the only institute which has NCC unit offering training to B.Tech students amongst all affiliated colleges of JNTU Anantapur region.

Apart from regular NCC training, the cadets are involved in plantation, observing Earth day etc., To get insensitive training cadets are sent to attend various camps held at Guntur, Tenali, Chirala , Ongole and other places. From our unit 2 cadets Mr. S. Narendra Babu & Mr.M.Sai Kiran IV ECE, VITS went to Tirupathi, to attend National Tracking Camp.

One of the greatest achievements of our NCC unit is Mr. P. Lalith Manush from III EEE, VITS stood the best cadet among the various stages of camps held at Chirala, Guntur, Secunderabad and got rare opportunity to participate in Republic Day parade held in Secunderabad on 26th Jan, 2013 in front of his Excellence the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. This year 42 cadets appeared for ‘C’ certificate examination held in Ongole, 58 cadets appeared for ‘B’ certificate exam held in Nellore in Feb, 2013. As our institute is self financed, entire expenditure for all NCC activities is born by our institute only.


  1. Regular parades
  2. Firing practice
  3. In house Riffle /vehicle parts (engine etc.,) for 5 days by NCC P.I Staff is arranged
  4. Cadets are actively participating in CATC, NIC, Trekking camps
  5. One of the cadet Mr. P Lalit Manush of III EEE is now in Pre RDC Camp scheduled from 5/10/12 – 15/10/12 at Secunderabad.
  6. Other Activities: Observing Save Earth Day , Plantation Programmes, NCC Day, Independence Day, Republic Day celebrations

NCC Events: 2011-2012

NCC Parade 07.08.11
NCC Parade 20.08.11
NCC Parade 27.08.11
NCC Parade 03.08.11
NCC Parade 10.09.11
NCC Parade 17.9.11
NCC Parade 24.9.11
NCC Parade 30.9.11
NCC Parade 14.10.11
NCC Parade 22.10.11
NCC Parade 23.10.11
NCC Parade 30.10.11
NCC Parade 17.11.11
NCC day celebrations 25&26 Nov.’ 2011
NCC Parade 18.12.11
NCC Parade 24.12.11
NCC Parade 27.12.11
NCC Parade 04.01.12
Riffle shooting & Weapon Training at Podalakur road, Nellore. 06.01.12
NCC Parade 24.01.12
Weapon Training 27.01.12 to 29.01.12
Model Test 03.02.12
Theory Class 06.02.12
Theory Class 07.02.12
Theory Class 08.02.12
Theory Class 09.02.12
Briefing class 17.02.12
‘B’ Exam in VR college, in Nellore 18 &20thFeb’12



NCC Events: 2012-2013

Training class for March fast 09.08.12
Training class for March fast 19.08.12
Training class for March fast 14.08.12
Independence day Celebrations 15.08.12
Commanding Officers visit 25.08.12
NCC parade 01.09.12
Theory Class 09.09.12
NCC parade, Selection of 1st year cadets 29.09.12
NCC Parade 11.10.12
NCC Parade 12.10.12
Earth Day is observed 13.10.12
NCC Parade 07.11.12
NCC Parade 10.11.12
NCC Parade 18.11.12
NCC Parade 26.11.12
NCC Parade 04.01.13
NCC Parade 05.01.13
NCC Parade 07.01.13
NCC Parade 09.01.13
NCC Parade 10.01.13
NCC Parade 11.01.13
NCC Parade 15.01.13
NCC Parade 18.01.13
NCC Parade 21.01.13
NCC Parade 22.01.13
NCC Parade 23.01.13
NCC Parade 24.01.13
Weapon   Training in Nellore 27.01.13
NCC Parade 28.01.13
NCC Parade 29.01.13
NCC Parade 30.01.13
Weapon   Training in Nellore 03.02.13
NCC Parade 04.02.13
NCC Parade 06.02.13
NCC Parade 07.02.13
NCC Parade 08.02.13
’B’ Exam in Nellore 16th & 17th Feb.’13
’C’ Exam in ongole 23rd & 24th Feb.’13



NCC Events: 2013-2014

NCC Parade 25.08.13
NCC Parade 30.08.13
NCC Parade 08.09.13
NCC Parade 22.09.13
NCC Parade 30.09.13
NCC Parade 06.10.13
NCC Parade 20.10.13
Theory Class 21.10.13
NCC parade, Selection of 1st year cadets 04.11.13
NCC Parade 10.11.13
NCC Parade 18.11.13
NCC Parade 08.12.13
NCC Parade 06.12.13
NCC Parade 29.12.13
Theory Class 04.01.13
Theory Class 05.01.13
NCC Parade 11.01.13
NCC Parade 17.01.13
NCC Parade 18.01.13
Riffle shooting & Weapon Training 19.01.13
NCC Parade 21.01.13
NCC Parade 22.01.13
NCC Parade 25.01.13
NCC Parade 31.01.13
Theory Class 06.02.14
Theory Class 07.02.14
Training class in Nellore 08.02.14
Training class in Nellore 09.02.14
NCC Parade 11.02.14
’C’ Exam Practical 17.02.14
’C’ Exam Theory 25.02.14
NCC Parade 21.04.14


NCC Camps:   2012-2013

Name of the Camp Date Place No. of cadets
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 18.04.12 to 27.07.12 Ongole 20
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 09.09.12 to 18.09.12 Chirala 10
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 26.09.12 to 05.10.12 Guntur 15
National Integration Camp 07.10.12 to 18.10.12 Warangal 01
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 20.10.12 to 29.10.12 Tenali 30
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 06.12.12 to 15.12.12 Ongole 30


NCC Camps:   2011-2012

Name of the Camp Date Place No. of cadets
Army Attachment camp 18.07.11 to 01.08.11 Secunderabad 19
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 10.08.11 to 19.08.11 Guntur 25
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 22.08.11 to 31.08.11 Chirala 15
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 20.09.11 to 29.09.11 Chirala 25
Combined Annual Training camp   ( CAT camp) 03.10.11 to 12.10.11 Guntur 14
Combined Annual Training camp ( CAT camp) 06.05.12 to 14.05.12 Tirupathi 02