R & D Director, ME


directorDr Ch.V.S.ParameswaraRao,

R & D Director, ME

NAME:               Dr Ch.V.S.ParameswaraRao
Permanent ADDRESS:               40-12-3/2,S4,AnjaliTowers
Patamatalanka, Vijayawada-520010
Address for Communication: 507, Sri Sai Medows, 7th Lane, Co-operative      Colony, Kavali-524201, Nellore dt., A.P
Phone Nos:               9849291903,8985377046
DOB:               24-07-1966
E-Mail:               cprao66@yahoo.co.in

Educational Details:

  • Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering) from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
  • M.Tech. (Tool Design) from CTTC, Calcutta
  • B.Tech from VR Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada, Acharya Nagarjuna University in 1988


  • Principal, PBR Visvodaya  Inst of Tech.& Sci, Kavali-524 201, SPSR Nellore Dist., AP from 31-5-2012
  • Principal, Sri Raghavendra Institute of Sc.&Tech, Vinjamur, SPSR Nellore dt from

4-9-2008 to 30-5-2012

  • Associate Prof., & Head, FED, KL College of Engineering, Guntur from 01-01-2001 to 03-09-2008
  • Assistant Prof., Mech. Engg. dept, College of Engineering, Guntur from 30-11-1989 to 31-12-2000
  • Recognized Research Supervisor for JNTUA, SV University, KL University
  • Ph D Scholars: 7 (3 completed and 4 pursuing)
  • Patents: Applied for Visvo-draft, video uploaded in you-tube
  • Research Publications: 20 papers in International journals of repute and 24 in Conferences in India and abroad, 5 papers are communicated and under review
  • Editorial Board member for the International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Science Engineering & Technology (IJETS&ET), IJCAE and IJAEA.
  • Visited few countries as a part of Foreign students counseling and admissions


  • Best Paper Award, ISRS-2007, PUNE
  • Best Teacher Award, KL College of Engineering, Guntur


  • Coordinator, National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Tool Design on March 16 and 17, 2009, Andhra University College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam
  • Convener, national conference conducted by PBR VITS for 4 times
  • Convener for AICTE sponsored 2 week FDP on Tool Design &Mfg.
  • Conducted more than 10 workshops inside and outside the college
  • Delivered more than 25 lectures in various colleges and forums
  • Visiting Faculty for few organizations


  • Life Member, Indian Society of Technical Education, New Delhi, LM 245766
  • Board of Studies member  for Audi Sankara College of Engineering, Gudur
  • Governing Body member-NRIIT-Hyderabad
  • Developed syllabus for 12 subjects in Mechanical Engineering for  R13 regulation of JNTUA



  1.  “Experimental Investigation Of Machining Parameters In Wire-cut EDM” by LAP-Germany
  2. Monogram on Manufacturing Technology subjects for GATE/IES/Competitive exams
  3. “Tool Engineering with 101 proven designs” I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi (in progress)


  • Got NAAC “A”grade to college
  • Got UGC 2f&12B certificate
  • Got Customs and Central excise duty exemption for college and saved more than Rs 10 lakhs in import and purchase of machines
  • Got UGC 10 Minor Research Projects worth of 50 lakhs and DST project worth of 34 lakhs and AICTE FDP for 7 lakhs, 2 Seminar grants of 1.7 lakhs and 30 thousand rupees and executing successfully. Projects worth of 50Lakhs, 15 lakhs, 150 lakhs applied to DST and 20 lakhs to UGC are in review.
  • Scholars from other universities working in our college for their experimental and computational works with the equipment procured under R&D and research facilities created in campus.
  • 10 faculty members were awarded Ph.D by different universities with the motivation given in the past 3 years
  • Staff was motivated and 30 members registered for PhD in different universities and pursuing research work.
  • Got good number of consultancy works from small scale industries
  • Increased the intake of B.Tech to 720 from 420, MBA to 180 from 60 and admissions of 92%, 7 specializations in M.Tech
  • Initiated Industry Institution Interaction and in good progress
  • Good number of consultancy works are going on, Technical advisor and consultant for many small scale industries
  • Started Entrepreneur Development cell and running successfully
  • MOUs with many companies, arranging Internship to students in companies of repute.
  • Renovated all labs as per AICTE at very low cost and are able to conduct 20%extra experiments than University prescribed.
  • Visiting IMTEX and other exhibitions along with staff and students every year, identified new/latest technologies suitable for college and procured many machines to do projects and research.
  • Organized ROBOFEST, National Robotics exhibition by developing 35 Robos for applications in different fields through staff and students
  • Organized Technical exhibition of 5 day duration twice by exhibiting the items
  • made by students, which has been visited by 7000 people including students from colleges and schools
  • Encouraged, guided the students and developed many innovative projects, applied for patent for one of them, Visvo Draft, a micro drafter
  • Designed and developed Roll bending machine, plastic recycling machine, Die for Belleville spring. High strength Metal Matrix Composites, Karatin fibre composites etc.
  • Designed, fabricated a Stress relief annealing furnace of 30KW for M/S Kari mullah Industry and installed.
  • The equipment in many labs which got repairs and spoiled were redesigned, fabricated and kept in usage.
  • Got recognition as Vocational Training Provider (VTP) by Govt. Of India and organizing Skill development Training for students and dropouts as part of VTP. Organized Welding course, House & industrial wiring and maintenance of Home appliances was given to II year students.
  • Developed a special certificate course in consultation with industry for Mechanical Engg. students on Tool Design and manufacturing and executing successfully in –house and in industries.
  • Planned to start M.Tech/PG in Tool Design& Mfg. which will be first of its kind in India in University level
  • Planned to start “Visvodaya Technical Museum” and work in progress


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• Principal, SRIST-Vinjamur, 2008-2012
• Head, Freshman Engineering Department, KL College of Engineering, Guntur, 2004-08
• Member, Board of Studies (syllabus updating & introduction of new courses)
• Internal and External Examiner, ANU affiliated Engineering Colleges
• Paper setter and External Examiner, Kakatiya University, Vignan University and JNTU
• Internal Auditor, NBA 2004 & 07, NAAC 2008, ISO 9001: 2000, Deemed University Works in KL College of Engineering, Guntur
• Hon.Secretary, ISTE Chapter, KL College of Engineering, Guntur
• Hon.Chairman, ISTE Chapter, SRIST, Vinjamur, PBR VITS-Kavali


Short term training Program on “Production Engineering Drawing”, MED, GMRIT, Rajam, December 12-14, 2002
2.      Short term training Program on Optimization Techniques at KLCE- Vaddeswaram, Guntur Dt3.       Short term training Program on Modern Manufacturing Techniques- IE(I)- Vijayawada4.      Short term training Program on Manufacturing Automation- IE(I)- CalcuttaParticipated in ISTE Summer schools held on Manufacturing Technologies at
1.      REC(NIT)-Calicut2.      MACT(NIT)- Bhopal3.      Bengal Engineering College- Howrah4.      NERIST-Arunachal Pradesh

·         Workshops Conducted:

1.      Effective teaching of Engineering Drawing: 2 days workshop at Narasaraopet Engineering college- Narasaraopet

2.      Effective teaching of Engineering Drawing: 2 days workshop at Audisankara college of Engineering – Gudur

3.      2 days workshop at Audisankara college of Engineering – Gudur on Machine Drawing

4.      Production Technology-A over View: Sai Spurthy College of Engineering-Sattupalli, Khammam dt

5.      Plastics and processing Technology: Maries Stella College, Vijayawada

6.      Plastics and processing Technology: Govt. Polytechnic, Vijayawada