“When Henry Ford decided to produce his famous V-8 motor, he chose to build an engine with the entire eight cylinders cast in one block, and instructed his engineers to produce a design for the engine. The design was placed on paper, but the engineers agreed, that it was simply impossible for a man to cast an eight-cylinder engine-block in one piece.

Ford replied, ‘Produce it anyway.”

Engineering is all about turning ideas into realities. It is this practical approach that makes engineering a unique subject. Visvodaya Technical Academy (VTA) is always in the forefront in identifying and tapping the innovative potentials of the budding engineers on its campus. Mechanical Engineering Department has organized a five day technical exhibition titled “TECHNO EXHIBIT 2K13.” The principal objective of this technical exhibition was to stir innovation among students and to extend the understanding of science and technology as these are based on the basic principles of science and its applications.  The event was also aimed at providing a platform for students to showcase their talent and creativity. Students from other major departments of engineering were also invited to participate in the exhibition. They have designed and developed several working models based on creative engineering concepts. These models and demonstrations have given a lot of knowledge in addition to theoretical concepts to all the visitors.

The exhibition was inaugurated on 27th Nov 2013 and the valedictory was held at 4 pm on 1st Dec 2013. It was started on an enthusiastic note and enthusiasm only got heightened with the news about TECHNO EXHIBIT 2K13 spreading like fire across the district. About 6150 students from around 46 academic institutions all over the district of Nellore have visited the exhibition besides a huge number of educated adults. All the exhibits were highly appreciated and laurels kept coming upon the grand success of this magnificent event. Some of the models like green building, London bridge, secrete monitor, word garland, FM transmission, Sydney harbor bridge, dream city, VEC,  Nagarjunsagar dam have drawn great attention from the visitors.

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